Soo, I have started playing Final Fantasy XIII and got sooo bored, that I couldn’t finish it. Instead, I decided to try another game. That’s another jRPG, called “White Knight chronicles”. It’s about a young guy who wants to save her princess. Nothing new in the story..
About the gameplay – I actually loved the colors and graphics of the game. I loved the chance to transform to White Knight and do much more damage.. Also I loved some kind of russian accent of one character girl, lol. It’s a simple RPG just to kill your time, I finished it in 25 hours.
Now, the bad things.. First, the game is incredibly easy. I practically finished this game using only one action – “Hack”, while two other chars was set on fighting & healing tactics. I didn’t bother about searching for fire/ice or water/earth weaknesses.. Because a simple hit with a sword does the job. Can you image, even the very last – last boss does the same amount of damage like a regular foe. That’s a really shitty part about this game. Also, inventory/armors system wasn’t something I loved.. I have to admit I didn’t even put any jewelry one the fingers cause I just didn’t see a point to do so. Characters levels up fast, but choosing your skills and characteristic is a little confusing.

So, this is pretty bad review, isn’t it? Well, still for a real ps3 rpg collector and lover, maybe you should get this game. It still delivers some fun :)

I would give this game 6/10

As allways, a gametrailer review :)

Again, if you are collector of all RPG’s on PS3 console, and you finished FF XIII and have nothing to do.. Try this game :) Maybe you’ll enjoy it! You can get it from amazon for 56$ now..