My opinion
This game is really great! That’s a Strategy RPG, where you don’t have too much free wandering, you go from fight to figth. Game is totally linear, but it’s not a bad thing. The story is great, and fighting with enemies is really great time spending! Currently i have more than 40+ hours gameplay, and im in the last chapter. I’m so sad it will gonna end soon – cause the game is really fun and beautiful. Currently it’s almost the best ps3 rpg i have played so far.. Take a look at reviews, and you will be thinking the same, i think


This one comes from IGN, there is a little of gamplay and a little of movies in game, so check it out, i think you should really enjoy this review:

Another review, from Gametrailers, as usually :) This one was the last video i watched before buying this game. Check it out too!


Well, As ALLWAYS, mate! You can get it from Ebay (prices starting from 36$ plus shipping), or if you would like to get it from a really good online shop, you should choose Amazon, their price now is 37$..

I paid for mine about 50$ with shipping, and you know what, it’s worth every single Penny! Really great game, with great story and great characters. Everyone who loves RPG, and owns Playstation 3 console, it’s MUST HAVE.

P.S. I just found that there is a non-official blog for ValkyriaChronicles.