I’m a huge fan of turn based games (not active turn based, not time based..)
There is a short list of games which I played, and which were truly Turn based RPG:

The list is sorted by how much i liked the game :D

1. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement
2. Enchanted arms
3. Disgaea 3 (still haven’t tried)
4. Resonance of Fate
5. Agarest Generations of War
6. Valkyria Chronicles

Wow.. i never thought of that.. Is it really only so few games which is turn based? Eternal sonata is turn based only at start of the game, dragons age and oblivion action rpgs.. FFXIII ? Guess it’s more time based than turn-based.. So, seems publishers don’t love this genre too much. Sad :( Guess we have to stick with PS2..

Here is the list of PS2 turn based RPG’s..