Oh man, that’s the most amazing game I ever played on PS3 !! It feels very “Oblivionish”, so if you played that game, you will enjoy and love Skyrim, for sure!


There are many things that creators have changed in Elder Scrolls V. Now you have hundreds of dungeons, which doesn’t look like Copy-paste one from another. You have wolves, who attack you when you’re low level, but run from you when you are higher level (that’s how a real life should be, right?). And there are many, many other improvements! Like, for example, now you can forge your own weapons, jewerly, armor. Everytime you find an weapon or armor, you know that you will be able to upgrade it by your own, simply using a few of ingredients. On top of that, you can enchant your items, so they make even more damage/increase skills/or whatever. Oh, and did I mention Dragons? Every time I conquer a dragon in Skyrim, I have shivering feeling on my back. Game knows when to switch the soundtrack to the right one.. And you can’t mistaken the music which you hear when fighting a dragon :)

Skyrim, of course, is open world RPG. You can go whenever you want, there are no borders or closed doors (provided you have good enough lockpicking skill, heh). Good thing about the game is that world levels with you – that means everywhere you go, you will have to put some effort to kill enemies – but you always know it’s manageable.

Quests – there are thousands of them. It looks like every single person in Skyrim has a story, and they need your help to deal with some of their problems. Quests are usually interesting, and only very few of them is WoW style – “Go kill 10 bears, bring back pelts”. “Go kill 10 stronger bears, bring back pelts”. Well, you know what I mean :)


While inventory sorting is very convenient on the character, there is no such option for home storage. When you buy a house to put all the ingredients, books and other items you have found in the world, you are first very happy. But then later you find out that there is no sorting, so to find an, say, “Iron ore” in your shelf you have to scroll through tens of screens just to find it.. And they are not sorted alphabetically either.

Horses. I don’t even know why they have them. Since Skyrim has a “fast travel” system, where you can teleport to the places you were before.. Horses are unneeded there. Just waste of money, especially if you jump from the horse for a fight, you horse pretends he’s a warrior and goes to kill bad guys. Of course, usually fails and dies – and you just lost a thousand bucks :) I mean, gold :)

Money. You bring all kind of stuff for the vendors, they buy your items and give you gold. But they can’t sell you anything good, except some ingredients (which you could find in the open world anyway). It’s not like you gonna buy a super powerful sword at the vendor anyway.. So money has no really purpose there.


  • Non linear, open world
  • Literally thousands of quests
  • Can create/upgrade own armor, weapons
  • Easy manageable inventor
  • CONS:

  • No inventory sorting at home storage
  • No real usage of horses
  • No real usage of in-game money
  • Overall, it’s amazing game. I give it 10/10, and I believe I will be spending endless hours to finish all the quest game has to offer. It’s already one month I’m playing this game, and I haven’t even begun the main storyline. Just imagine how much are there to do :) This is what I call the best PS3 RPG game. Definitely worth trying.

    Currently, Skyrim sells for 49.99$ on Amazon ( they reduced price by 10$ already! weee!)

    For video review from Gametrailers, just check previous post – I have a video there!