I really loved one sentence I heard somewhere – “This is how Final Fantasy XIII should have looked like”! And when I was playing this game, I really had exactly the same thoughts. This game is pretty hard (but not as hard as Demon Souls), and it’s one of rare RPG’s where you are able to play with guns, instead of futuristic swords or axes. Also, the battle is a little different from regular turn based or hack/slash battles. You will have to the video review from GameTrailers to see what I mean. Basically you have two types of bullets, one of which does “temporary damage”, and if you want to do “permament damage”, you have to use your second bullets, or the temporary damage will heal fast.

What else I liked about this game, is the moving between battles. You still have some random encounters and you have to battle enemies even if they are way below your level. But you don’t have to run with your character around. Instead, you are using grid to move around. While playing, you open new levels of the grid, new blocks to put on the grid and later be able to move around it, and so on.

CONS of this game – sometimes I got really mad with all the random encounters while wandering in low level territories – I still had to fight enemies which were way below my level, and that took time! So I couldn’t always enjoy battles with worth enemies. Also, game got harder and harder when going further.. It sometimes killed the fun. UPDATE – (thanks to Grug) – There is item in the arena called Strongman’s Bangle, which prevents all random encounters unless the enemies are much higher level. I didn’t know that before! Thanks!

But overall, this is really great game. I would give 8.5/10. Yay!

As I can see now, this game is on sale on Amazon.com ! Now it’s only 20$, while the regular price is 50-60$.. So you should really consider buying it if you want to have a nice addition to your PS3 RPG collection :)