In few simple words – this turn based RPG delivers! Fun battles, interesting and sophisticated gun/armor/inventory and no boring video clips which you cannot skip (remember Xenosaga with those 30 min movies???).

There are really no story :) 5 seconds clip before the game and that’s it! If you want long, compelling and interesting story, please don’t buy this game. Go play Final Fantasy :) Here story doesn’t make any sense.. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing though. Gamers who just wanna engage into action, will love the fact that story is simply missing from the game.


You running around the map with your character, collecting gold, engaging into fights with enemies and looking for quests. One of the features I love – you can find lots of random encounters, but it’s your choice to participate in them or not. That means very easy traveling without being interrupted, on the other hand it’s easy to do some grinding, cause you have option for those random battles really often.

Yay! At last, a very nice strategic – turn based battle system. No longer you need to mash your buttons like crazy to win the fight! Here you can take your time with each turn, think about your strategy and so on. That’s what I really like about the game.

Boss fights are fun, and really manageable without too much grinding (or none at all, if you choose normal level)

Inventory has just what basic RPG needs. Armor, weapons, some upgrade options, skills.. RPG lover will find all those features very useful.

This game is worth 9/10 in my book.


Just 15$! Yes, it’s a digital copy, and you can obtain it on you Playstation Store. By the way, they have demo, which you can play for 90 minutes. So please make sure you play it before you buy it..

At the end..

Is it me or some of the menu sound effects are taken/stolen/whatever from Final Fantasy X? :) Anyway brings back some nice memories…