Fallout 3 goes to..

Well, it’s end of the summer, and I’m ending my contest for the Fallout 3. There was total number of 49 participants, and random.org chose one of them!

So this time games goes to Carl Schmidt, congrats buddy! I will be contacting you over the email in the next few days :)

All the other ones, who didn’t win.. Thanks for participating, I wish you best luck in the next contests for free games! (If I will have any, …. you never know!)

Demon’s souls review

So I’m playing Demons Souls again. Last time when I did that, I quit after playing two levels – the game was simply too hard and too unforgiving for the mistakes. But now I came to the conclusion, it would be much less interesting to play if the game had some kind of “Save” before each corner or just before the boss. But let’s talk about the game itself first.
This game is hard. Sometimes to the point that it makes you cry (hypothetically, of course!). If you are used to save before every fight in Dragon Age or Oblivion, forget it. You are automatically saved only before or after “dungeon”. Yep, that means you have to finish level without a single save. Also, to make it worse, every time you die, you loose all your souls (for which you can buy armor, guns, and gain stats). If you are happy enough to find your dead body next time you play the level, congrats, you just restored all the “souls”. But remember, all the enemies are resurrected.. So if you died at the end of the level, your journey will be long. And depending on the souls amount dropped, sometimes very stressful!
This ps3 rpg game is dark, the atmosphere is incredibly sad and gloomy. The story … errr, I don’t really remember the intro, that means story isn’t strong side of this game. But who cares? You just need to know that Boletaria Kingdom is a lost kingdom, which are now controlled by demons. And yes, you gonna be the one who will save it.. Game looks just like a real dark fantasy game should look like. Music and sounds are great, they give a lot of influence to this dark theme.
This game intended to be a hardcore, but if you play online, it get’s a lot easier. In your adventures you will see lot’s of messages posted by other players, just before traps, hidden enemies and so on. It really helps when you don’t have any saves available. Also, you will find these blood swamps, which will show you a few last seconds of other players just before their death. Funny part is that your world can be invaded by other players, who are hunting you. That doesn’t happen much, especially since your are playing in “death” mode most frequently. Oh, didn’t I mention? When you die, you don’t just “resurrect”. You become a walking death, no stats are changed from your live form, except that you loose 50% of your health (or 75% with a special ring). To become alive and have full health, you need to either kill a boss or invade other people worlds.. Personally I’m playing with 75% of my life almost always. Well, after I kill boss I’m happy to have a full health bar, but it’s gone in the next level after meeting the first enemy, lol. I know, I suck :)


  • Dark atmosphere. I like it!
  • Interesting online game integration with the game
  • Game is interesting. I really want to see how other levels and bosses will look like
  • “Soul” currency. For the same souls you can buy or repair items, increase your stats, upgrade weapons, or even buy spells.


  • Real time fight. (and takes some practice, that’s for sure!!!)
  • You can’t sell loot. But you can use it to upgrade your weapons ;)
  • No saves in the levels (you can save between). Think of it like you couldn’t save in the “instance” of Wow

Video review from gametrailers:

Where to get it?
Amazon currently has a copy of Greatest Hits – Demon’s souls for 19.99$ only. I believe that’s a steal for this kind of game. Especially when I paid 59.99$ for it when it just came out!!!

For the current fans of Demon’s Souls

Hey, if you really loved this game, do you know that the sequel is already being made? Yep, the name is “Dark Souls“, and creators of the game say that it’s gonna be even harder than the Demon Souls. It’s already available for preorder for 59.99$. Expensive, but you’ll have to wait at least a year for the price start to drop. So it’s up to you if you wanna play it right now (after it’s released, of course), or you can wait?

I’m giving away Fallout 3

If you still don’t have that game for your PS3, this is your chance. I just found out that I have a spare copy of Fallout 3, and I’m willing to give it away to one of my blog readers! So, if you haven’t played this really awesome RPG, just “like” my site on Facebook, and at the end of the Summer I will randomly select one of the readers, who will receive this spare copy. And the best part is that I’m willing to pay for the shipping too! Hopefully you are not living on the moon :)

So these are two steps you have to do:

1. Start “liking” my site on the facebook!

2. Leave a comment on this post, and tell me which RPG game on PS3 you like the most.

That’s it! You can twitter, blog or share this so called “contest” with your friends, but it’s really up to you. As a sign of gratitude, if you post about this contest on your blog, and leave a second comment here with the link, I will give you a second ticket for this contest!

At the end of the summer, I will use a tool to randomly select one of the comments, whose author will win this famous PS3 RPG game. I’ll check if that comment author is “Liking” my facebook page, and then ship this gift to him/her. Good luck!

Agarest Generations of War

(AKA Record of Agarest War)

I’ve almost missed this game, so thanks to one of my readers to remind me of it. In few short words about this PS3 RPG game – if you enjoyed playing Disgaea, you will love to play this one too! This is turn-based rpg game with anime characters. The deeper in the game, the more revealing pictures of the anime girls are shown on the screen. I still haven’t finished to game, so I don’t know what I will get at then end :) But the first impressions of ~10 hours gameplay gave me really nice experience. Here is my short review of what I disliked about the game and what I’ve enjoyed:


  • No comparison in stores. It really drives me off when stores in the games doesn’t give you any kind of comparison with the items you own. Before you buy something, you have to memorize (or write down) stats of the item, then leave the store, go to your party equipment and only there you can compare item stats. What if you want to buy weapons, accessories and equipment for all your party members? Be ready to leave/come back to store thousands of times :)
  • Graphics in battle. Although pictures of the anime girls in dialogues are really well drawn, you could not tell the same about the battle characters. They look strikingly same as characters in Disgaea on PS2.. But.. we don’t really play good rpg’s because of the good graphics, right? Still, it’s sad that creators of the game didn’t put more effort into this.
  • No english voice. That’s a real drawback for people who enjoy listening to the story and hate reading. In dialogues you have english text, but voiceover is Japanese. In battles, you have only Japanese shouts.. But after few battles you already remember which character shouts what, and you can actually repeat that.. So it’s like a Japanese language lesson for you. Even bad things have their good sides :)


  • Battle system. It’s simply amazing! If you have a passion about turn-based rpg’s, you will love it. Your turn in battle contains of two phases, moving and action. In the first one you and your enemy move the characters, while in the second one you fight. Game implements very interesting “linking” of characters scheme, so if you manage to place your toons strategically and “link” them, they will be able to unleash incredible amounts of damage. Then, you can do combo’s (named “arts” in the game), to do even more damage! By having this feature you can forgive this game all it’s bad things..
  • Disgaea – like. Looks like you can level-up your characters limitless, and do some endless grinding.. It’s really up to you. Although you will miss a little of free wandering around, it looks very much like Disgaea.
  • Music. I know this is not important factor for many of the players, but for me, I really enjoy listening for some good music in the game. Even if it’s repetitive, I’ve still loved it.

Gameplay video:


I’d say, if you are fan of all PS3 rpg games, and if you want to have full collection, grab this game! Even if it has some flaws in the design, if graphics are dated and storyline not incredibly deep, it will still deliver you fun for some hours, that’s for sure.

Too bad this game isn’t available in US or Canada in the stores (english version is released just for Europe’s market). But thanks god for internet auctions like Ebay! I was able to get my copy from there for 36$ (including shipping), you can do the same :)

Currently I see the cheapest NEW copy of this game on ebay for 31$, including shipping! That’s a pretty good deal, what do you think?

Don’t forget – Dragon Age 2 on March 8th!

Get this Game on amazon for ~50$ right now

If you were fan of Dragon Age, don’t forget to buy this new version :) Today is March 4th, so it gonna be released in four days.. I hope to get it as soon as possible and then give you a brief review :)

Resonance of Fate

I really loved one sentence I heard somewhere – “This is how Final Fantasy XIII should have looked like”! And when I was playing this game, I really had exactly the same thoughts. This game is pretty hard (but not as hard as Demon Souls), and it’s one of rare RPG’s where you are able to play with guns, instead of futuristic swords or axes. Also, the battle is a little different from regular turn based or hack/slash battles. You will have to the video review from GameTrailers to see what I mean. Basically you have two types of bullets, one of which does “temporary damage”, and if you want to do “permament damage”, you have to use your second bullets, or the temporary damage will heal fast.

What else I liked about this game, is the moving between battles. You still have some random encounters and you have to battle enemies even if they are way below your level. But you don’t have to run with your character around. Instead, you are using grid to move around. While playing, you open new levels of the grid, new blocks to put on the grid and later be able to move around it, and so on.

CONS of this game – sometimes I got really mad with all the random encounters while wandering in low level territories – I still had to fight enemies which were way below my level, and that took time! So I couldn’t always enjoy battles with worth enemies. Also, game got harder and harder when going further.. It sometimes killed the fun. UPDATE – (thanks to Grug) – There is item in the arena called Strongman’s Bangle, which prevents all random encounters unless the enemies are much higher level. I didn’t know that before! Thanks!

But overall, this is really great game. I would give 8.5/10. Yay!

As I can see now, this game is on sale on Amazon.com ! Now it’s only 20$, while the regular price is 50-60$.. So you should really consider buying it if you want to have a nice addition to your PS3 RPG collection :)


When I first saw this title, I was a little skeptical. What possibly you could get from a game called Deathspank? Well, it looks to me that I was wrong. Deathspank actually delivers fun for RPG fans, even though it’s a “hack’n'slash type of game.
First, this game is RPG, so you will have opportunity to dress up your characters, choose the guns you want to use, will have potions and other skill-changing items. Secondly, it endless fun to listen for the conversations between NPC and Deathspank! If you have a good humor sense, if you understand ironic humor, this will be a really well spent time while playing Deathspank. I actually laugh out loud for a quite few times when playing this game. And this doesn’t happen a lot to me :)
The PROS for this game that it’s colorful, good looking, graphics – while not the “Realistic” ones, still “drawn” graphics deliver. Quests are fun and the reading/listening part is very funny.

CONS is that the game sometimes is a little bit repetitive. It’s hack’n'slash – so there is a chance you can finish your game spamming X button.

I would give this game 8/10. It’s a really nice adittion to your best PS3 RPG games collection, while waiting for some other games. Did I mention that this game is downloadable from PSN (means no actual disc). When I got it I paid something in a range of 8$. There is two expansions for this game, but I still didn’t got it – currently playing Fallout: New Vegas :)

As always, there is a video review from gametrailers about this game:

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