My Opinion
Now, everyone knows this title. It’s really famous RPG game, and we are very happy to tell you that this release is also available on PS3. The only bad thing is that you can’t use the plugins to the game, but still, there is so much to explore and to find in this game, that the first 60 gameplay hours you will never be bored even without plugins.
I really loved the huge map, loved the characters (alltough my wife said that the faces were too ugly), i loved the way leveling system is implemented, and as a real RPG lover i have to say – it’s a MUST HAVE!


There are some great video reviews about Oblivion, check it out:

Note that this review is for XBOX360 version of Oblivion, but i have to say – nothing differs much!

You can also watch the review from Gametrailers, that’s another great view to the game. I think, after those two videos you will be ready to buy the game and play it at your high-end ps3 system :)


Now, don’t make mistake wich i did. I bought the simple Oblivion IV version, without the expansion pack. Only after searching a little bit more, and much more later, i found out that the main game + two expansion packs (Shivering Isles and The knights of the nine). That’s pack is called “Oblivion IV: The game of the year”, and can be found on ebay :) Cost is the same, and you get mor of this game.. Also, if you not satisfied with ebay, if you are afraid of sellers or any other reason, you can get it from Amazon, hugest shop online. The price is about 30$, plus shipping (depending on where you live), so i guess it’s not so expensive for the 60+ hours gameplay, right? :)