Well, this is an OK game. It’s not awesome, but the fans of Final Fantasy XIII will love it for sure. You meet some characters from the first part, and videos are still look really awesome. Square Enix tried to fix linearity which was the main downside of the first game. So now you have more options to wander around, visit some shops and buy some stuff.
You probably already saw some videos with this game, so I’m not gonna tell you anything new about it. I know I know I’m a fanboy of old-good Final Fantasy X, so I will always compare this franchise to the game I loved and always be disappointed in what I see now :)

What you get with the game?

PROS: Nice graphics, fast paced battles, some interesting characters
CONS: non-turn based (that’s a con for me!), short (and meh) main story

Maybe all those cons explain the price tag for this game – just around 19$ on amazon.com. Only buy it if you played DEMO on PsnStore and loved the game! Since I’m collector I had to get this game anyway :)

P.S. It’s still better than the first part, FF XIII.