Hey! So, when I first time played Fallout 3 I wasn’t hooked up. Played like 10 or 12 hours and got bored so much! But maybe I was in shitty mood these days? Cause few months later I decided to give this game another chance. And you know what? I got really hooked up :) The story wasn’t really so bad, and all the gameplay really made me interested of how all the things will go further.. At first I really sucked at shooting and choosing the gun. But later I got some companions in game, some better guns.. And that made my experience with this nice game much better! So, after I finished it.. I can give 8/10 to this game for the music, for story and for all the environment. You should try it, since it doesn’t cost too much right now :) (yep, it’s old game already.. btw you can get GOTY (game of the year) edition too!

Here are review from gametrailers, as always:

As of today ( 2010 oct 2nd) , this game costs only 19.99$ on Amazon.com

Also, the GOTY Edition is available (that means you will get original game + 5 expansion packs) for 59.99$

For those , who already played this game and knows that it really rocks, you should know that there is second part of game is coming out in a month or so. Yep, it’s Fallout 3: New vegas , and it’s time for you to pre-order it, if you wanna get it as soon as it arrives to Amazon shop!

Here are the preview video of the new Fallout 3: new Vegas: