Yes, that’s a pretty old game. It was first released for XboX360, and only one year later ported to PS3. It’s very good looking and beautiful, goodish story. By that i mean there is no dark tunnels, dark graphics and etc. Everything is very colorful. Somehow it’s a little similar to Valkyria Chronicles, if you played that game..

One thing i don’t like about this game tough, that in later levels it get’s more action RPG than turn based (wich i preffer more). It’s more button mashing than in other games.. Also you have very small ammount of time when you can think of what to do next.

I have to admit, i didn’t finished the game. I don’t know why, guess because i have some changes in my real life, and they are now more interesting for me than the Eternal Sonata. Alltough real RPG fans will enjoy this game and it will be great addition to your collection.

As always, here are some reviews:

Amazon has it for about 50$ (at least the day when i checked). You should get this game to kill some time, really! Another great ps3 rpg.