My Opinion

If you loved the Final Fantasy series on PS2, especially FFX, then you should take a look into this game. They share lot’s of common stuff (seems like guys who made Enchanted Arms just copied some of bes things from FFX). But you know what – since there is no FF on PS3, i still enjoyed this jRPG, i finished it in 40+ hours of gameplay, and i really loved the story. Things i didn’t liked – lot’s of random battles, and when saying LOT’s, i mean it! Not much of moving video clips, instead of it there is lot’s of text to read, so if you have a small TV, don’t buy this game. It will be a headache to read text, and without it you will not feel the game itself, cause not all of the dialogues are read out loud by characters. All other stuff about the game is pretty good, and you can see all of it on those video reviews:


Note that this review is made for XBOX360 again (LOL), but the game doesn’t differs alot from the PS3 version, so you should see what’s good about the game.

And the one from gametrailer:


Myself i bought it from ebay, and seller shipped me it directly from Canada. Thanks god PS3 games are region-free, so we can play any version on any console. If you don’t like ebay too much, you can get it from the Amazon – Enchanted arms. I hope you will love this game! Cause myself, waiting for Fallout 3 to come by, i was really happy to have it and be able to play this PS3 RPG game.