What i can say about this game? WOW! This is what i said after first few hours of gameplay! Really nice, intriguing story. Lot’s of weapons, armors, and characters you can choose from. Non-linear story, which is really fun. At first, when i saw all those trailers with lot’s of blood, i was like yikes.. But when i got this game for Christmas and actually tried it, there is not so much blood in the game. If you look at this game from RPG’ers prisme of seeing, you will get everything you want: you can be a tank, a healer, a mage DPS or a rogue! Not in mood of healing? Just click R2 few times and you already tank who is trying to get aggro from all angry mobs.. Wanna steal something or do a nasty backstab? Click and switch to rogue :) And etc etc..
What else i like about this game, it’s lot’s of answers in the dialogues with NPC. You can take the party of a good guy, who always wants to help.. Or you can take the part where you just beeing harsh with everyone who you meet. But be carefull! Sometimes you can ruin your whole storyline..
Anyway, i really suggest you get this game. As i know, the first wave of buyers ended, so now they made this game a little cheaper and getting you ready for the new expansion, which hopefully will get out on march..

Take a look at some video reviews:

If you want to buy this game right now, from a shop which can be trusted, i suggest you do this on amazon – (click here to buy Dragon Age:Origins). Last time i checked price was 56$ for this game.. Which is very cheap if you consider that you will be playing for more than 100 hours of gameplay!