So i haven’t got addiction to Fallout 3 for some reason. I don’t know, i didn’t liked that game at all. Maybe because i hate shooters, and fallout 3 is very similar to them.. Or maybe that aura that leads you in the game, about the bombing and stuff, didn’t bring me any joy.. I don’t know actually :) Well, i put this disc in the box to cach some dust from now.

Now im hyped about the game, wich i missed for some reason! It’s released in Asia/Korea on 2009 February 2, and it has full voice acting and subtitles in english! The North American version will arive only on 2009 October 6th. I’m very hyped and anxious to see the game.

It’s a hardcore action RPG.. And it’s really, really hard as i found out from the reviews. You can see the import review here, on gametrailers:

I think you will want this game too, after watching the preview/trailer :)

BTW, this game will be released on 2009 OCTOBER 6TH to North America. English version and american servers for multiplayer.

It’s available for 19.99$ on Amazon now!. Consider it really good deal, cause I bought it for 60$ not so long ago.. So a great game for even greater price. Enjoy!