So, Playstation Store just added this demo with the PS3 RPG game that some people were waiting for a long time. I admit I haven’t played the full game yet, but demo looks promising, even though I encountered quite a few bugs in it.

First, about the bugs in demo: Just after first 10 minutes in the game sound of the battle and dialogs were gone. I couldn’t even read the dialogs as it went “fast forward” every time I was choosing the conversation answer. Not sure why it happens, but it really ruined the joy of game.

EDIT: I didn’t have this problem on the second try.

The game itself is a really nice crafted RPG, the only grief is that it’s again, action – button mashing RPG. Why oh why they don’t release new turn based games?  Aside from that, you have all standard RPG elements – items (which you can craft later in the game), spells, skills, side quests and so on. Controls are somewhat similar to Dragon Age. I can’t tell you much about the story since I played only demo.. The only thing I know that you somehow were revived from the dead and now have to figure out what is happening :)

There are lot’s of things which remind me of World Of Warcraft :) Maybe creators of the game targeted the WOW audience, or maybe they just took the best stuff from there. First, you get quest from NPC which has Yellow exclamation mark above their head. Sounds familiar? Of course, it changes to Silver/Yellow question mark after you get the quest.. Also, all the regular items are white, better ones – green.. And really rare ones are purple. I didn’t see orange’s though but I’m pretty sure you could find some. (actually they would be Gold color – just saw that on the loading screen).

I really like that this RPG is colorful and not so much “dark” in it, at least on the first few areas which I have visited. I’m definitely getting a full version :)

Take a look at Video review from gametrailers, maybe it will be easier for you to make up your mind about the game:

At the end, as always, let’s see the prices of this game.
Amazon currently has it for 39.95$ and quite a few reviews (mostly 5+ stars)

Ebay has it for 58$, but again it’s an Asian version – you have to create asian ps3 account for all the updates and so on.

Or just to try you can simply head to the PSN store and get the demo :) Then you’ll make up your mind, and decide if you wanna try this game or not! I’ll be trying it in more depth.. After I finish damn Skyrim, heh