When I first saw this title, I was a little skeptical. What possibly you could get from a game called Deathspank? Well, it looks to me that I was wrong. Deathspank actually delivers fun for RPG fans, even though it’s a “hack’n'slash type of game.
First, this game is RPG, so you will have opportunity to dress up your characters, choose the guns you want to use, will have potions and other skill-changing items. Secondly, it endless fun to listen for the conversations between NPC and Deathspank! If you have a good humor sense, if you understand ironic humor, this will be a really well spent time while playing Deathspank. I actually laugh out loud for a quite few times when playing this game. And this doesn’t happen a lot to me :)
The PROS for this game that it’s colorful, good looking, graphics – while not the “Realistic” ones, still “drawn” graphics deliver. Quests are fun and the reading/listening part is very funny.

CONS is that the game sometimes is a little bit repetitive. It’s hack’n'slash – so there is a chance you can finish your game spamming X button.

I would give this game 8/10. It’s a really nice adittion to your best PS3 RPG games collection, while waiting for some other games. Did I mention that this game is downloadable from PSN (means no actual disc). When I got it I paid something in a range of 8$. There is two expansions for this game, but I still didn’t got it – currently playing Fallout: New Vegas :)

As always, there is a video review from gametrailers about this game: