Hi, friends. Haven’t posted anything in a while.. But that doesn’t mean I forgot to play all the nice Ps3 rpg games that are out lately. There is one game which I really want to show you, and in case you haven’t heard about it, please listen carefully!

Story: It’s not the story that I like in this game, but the way it’s being told. It’s actually in rhymes! You listen to that sad music, and hear or read the sad rhymes of how the little girl wants to go home to see her dad and sister. It makes you sad, really, and you want to help her so much!

Gameplay: From the first look this game appears to be a simple platformer. But it’s far from it. In the first few minutes of the game the magic fairy gives you wings, and you start flying in the world. It’s not that the flying gives you ability to simply pass through all the enemies. The game is designed in a way that there are lots of obstacles and enemies which you will not be able to bypass even when flying. When I was playing it, there was always this nice feeling of being totally free of gravity and able to fly (who didn’t want to fly when they were kids?)

Battle: It’s kind of time/turn-based battle. You take actions in turns, but you can also modify the queue by using some tricks, like Speed ups, shining the enemies in the eyes with some strong light, etc. Battles aren’t that hard in Normal mode, but hey, as a real rpg’ist you should try it in hard mode, hehe. I admit I didn’t, but that’s because I don’t have too much time to play games.

Inventory: There’s no inventory, as such. you don’t get any weapons, magic rods, shields etc. What you get instead is magic rubies, which can be applied to your permanent items and increase some of the characters stats. Later, when you find more rubies, you combine them to even bigger rubies, and increase your stats even further.

Price: At this time the game can be bought only in Psn Store, for 14.99$. It has around 10 hours of gameplay, and I’d say that’s more than enough to enjoy this nice, small and a little sad RPG!