(AKA Record of Agarest War)

I’ve almost missed this game, so thanks to one of my readers to remind me of it. In few short words about this PS3 RPG game – if you enjoyed playing Disgaea, you will love to play this one too! This is turn-based rpg game with anime characters. The deeper in the game, the more revealing pictures of the anime girls are shown on the screen. I still haven’t finished to game, so I don’t know what I will get at then end :) But the first impressions of ~10 hours gameplay gave me really nice experience. Here is my short review of what I disliked about the game and what I’ve enjoyed:


  • No comparison in stores. It really drives me off when stores in the games doesn’t give you any kind of comparison with the items you own. Before you buy something, you have to memorize (or write down) stats of the item, then leave the store, go to your party equipment and only there you can compare item stats. What if you want to buy weapons, accessories and equipment for all your party members? Be ready to leave/come back to store thousands of times :)
  • Graphics in battle. Although pictures of the anime girls in dialogues are really well drawn, you could not tell the same about the battle characters. They look strikingly same as characters in Disgaea on PS2.. But.. we don’t really play good rpg’s because of the good graphics, right? Still, it’s sad that creators of the game didn’t put more effort into this.
  • No english voice. That’s a real drawback for people who enjoy listening to the story and hate reading. In dialogues you have english text, but voiceover is Japanese. In battles, you have only Japanese shouts.. But after few battles you already remember which character shouts what, and you can actually repeat that.. So it’s like a Japanese language lesson for you. Even bad things have their good sides :)


  • Battle system. It’s simply amazing! If you have a passion about turn-based rpg’s, you will love it. Your turn in battle contains of two phases, moving and action. In the first one you and your enemy move the characters, while in the second one you fight. Game implements very interesting “linking” of characters scheme, so if you manage to place your toons strategically and “link” them, they will be able to unleash incredible amounts of damage. Then, you can do combo’s (named “arts” in the game), to do even more damage! By having this feature you can forgive this game all it’s bad things..
  • Disgaea – like. Looks like you can level-up your characters limitless, and do some endless grinding.. It’s really up to you. Although you will miss a little of free wandering around, it looks very much like Disgaea.
  • Music. I know this is not important factor for many of the players, but for me, I really enjoy listening for some good music in the game. Even if it’s repetitive, I’ve still loved it.

Gameplay video:


I’d say, if you are fan of all PS3 rpg games, and if you want to have full collection, grab this game! Even if it has some flaws in the design, if graphics are dated and storyline not incredibly deep, it will still deliver you fun for some hours, that’s for sure.

Too bad this game isn’t available in US or Canada in the stores (english version is released just for Europe’s market). But thanks god for internet auctions like Ebay! I was able to get my copy from there for 36$ (including shipping), you can do the same :)

Currently I see the cheapest NEW copy of this game on ebay for 31$, including shipping! That’s a pretty good deal, what do you think?