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Hi, friends. Haven’t posted anything in a while.. But that doesn’t mean I forgot to play all the nice Ps3 rpg games that are out lately. There is one game which I really want to show you, and in case you haven’t heard about it, please listen carefully!

Story: It’s not the story that I like in this game, but the way it’s being told. It’s actually in rhymes! You listen to that sad music, and hear or read the sad rhymes of how the little girl wants to go home to see her dad and sister. It makes you sad, really, and you want to help her so much!

Gameplay: From the first look this game appears to be a simple platformer. But it’s far from it. In the first few minutes of the game the magic fairy gives you wings, and you start flying in the world. It’s not that the flying gives you ability to simply pass through all the enemies. The game is designed in a way that there are lots of obstacles and enemies which you will not be able to bypass even when flying. When I was playing it, there was always this nice feeling of being totally free of gravity and able to fly (who didn’t want to fly when they were kids?)

Battle: It’s kind of time/turn-based battle. You take actions in turns, but you can also modify the queue by using some tricks, like Speed ups, shining the enemies in the eyes with some strong light, etc. Battles aren’t that hard in Normal mode, but hey, as a real rpg’ist you should try it in hard mode, hehe. I admit I didn’t, but that’s because I don’t have too much time to play games.

Inventory: There’s no inventory, as such. you don’t get any weapons, magic rods, shields etc. What you get instead is magic rubies, which can be applied to your permanent items and increase some of the characters stats. Later, when you find more rubies, you combine them to even bigger rubies, and increase your stats even further.

Price: At this time the game can be bought only in Psn Store, for 14.99$. It has around 10 hours of gameplay, and I’d say that’s more than enough to enjoy this nice, small and a little sad RPG!

Rainbow Moon – just wow!

In few simple words – this turn based RPG delivers! Fun battles, interesting and sophisticated gun/armor/inventory and no boring video clips which you cannot skip (remember Xenosaga with those 30 min movies???).

There are really no story :) 5 seconds clip before the game and that’s it! If you want long, compelling and interesting story, please don’t buy this game. Go play Final Fantasy :) Here story doesn’t make any sense.. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing though. Gamers who just wanna engage into action, will love the fact that story is simply missing from the game.


You running around the map with your character, collecting gold, engaging into fights with enemies and looking for quests. One of the features I love – you can find lots of random encounters, but it’s your choice to participate in them or not. That means very easy traveling without being interrupted, on the other hand it’s easy to do some grinding, cause you have option for those random battles really often.

Yay! At last, a very nice strategic – turn based battle system. No longer you need to mash your buttons like crazy to win the fight! Here you can take your time with each turn, think about your strategy and so on. That’s what I really like about the game.

Boss fights are fun, and really manageable without too much grinding (or none at all, if you choose normal level)

Inventory has just what basic RPG needs. Armor, weapons, some upgrade options, skills.. RPG lover will find all those features very useful.

This game is worth 9/10 in my book.


Just 15$! Yes, it’s a digital copy, and you can obtain it on you Playstation Store. By the way, they have demo, which you can play for 90 minutes. So please make sure you play it before you buy it..

At the end..

Is it me or some of the menu sound effects are taken/stolen/whatever from Final Fantasy X? :) Anyway brings back some nice memories…

Final Fantasy XIII-2 review

Well, this is an OK game. It’s not awesome, but the fans of Final Fantasy XIII will love it for sure. You meet some characters from the first part, and videos are still look really awesome. Square Enix tried to fix linearity which was the main downside of the first game. So now you have more options to wander around, visit some shops and buy some stuff.
You probably already saw some videos with this game, so I’m not gonna tell you anything new about it. I know I know I’m a fanboy of old-good Final Fantasy X, so I will always compare this franchise to the game I loved and always be disappointed in what I see now :)

What you get with the game?

PROS: Nice graphics, fast paced battles, some interesting characters
CONS: non-turn based (that’s a con for me!), short (and meh) main story

Maybe all those cons explain the price tag for this game – just around 19$ on Only buy it if you played DEMO on PsnStore and loved the game! Since I’m collector I had to get this game anyway :)

P.S. It’s still better than the first part, FF XIII.

Demo Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

So, Playstation Store just added this demo with the PS3 RPG game that some people were waiting for a long time. I admit I haven’t played the full game yet, but demo looks promising, even though I encountered quite a few bugs in it.

First, about the bugs in demo: Just after first 10 minutes in the game sound of the battle and dialogs were gone. I couldn’t even read the dialogs as it went “fast forward” every time I was choosing the conversation answer. Not sure why it happens, but it really ruined the joy of game.

EDIT: I didn’t have this problem on the second try.

The game itself is a really nice crafted RPG, the only grief is that it’s again, action – button mashing RPG. Why oh why they don’t release new turn based games?  Aside from that, you have all standard RPG elements – items (which you can craft later in the game), spells, skills, side quests and so on. Controls are somewhat similar to Dragon Age. I can’t tell you much about the story since I played only demo.. The only thing I know that you somehow were revived from the dead and now have to figure out what is happening :)

There are lot’s of things which remind me of World Of Warcraft :) Maybe creators of the game targeted the WOW audience, or maybe they just took the best stuff from there. First, you get quest from NPC which has Yellow exclamation mark above their head. Sounds familiar? Of course, it changes to Silver/Yellow question mark after you get the quest.. Also, all the regular items are white, better ones – green.. And really rare ones are purple. I didn’t see orange’s though but I’m pretty sure you could find some. (actually they would be Gold color – just saw that on the loading screen).

I really like that this RPG is colorful and not so much “dark” in it, at least on the first few areas which I have visited. I’m definitely getting a full version :)

Take a look at Video review from gametrailers, maybe it will be easier for you to make up your mind about the game:

At the end, as always, let’s see the prices of this game.
Amazon currently has it for 39.95$ and quite a few reviews (mostly 5+ stars)

Ebay has it for 58$, but again it’s an Asian version – you have to create asian ps3 account for all the updates and so on.

Or just to try you can simply head to the PSN store and get the demo :) Then you’ll make up your mind, and decide if you wanna try this game or not! I’ll be trying it in more depth.. After I finish damn Skyrim, heh


Oh man, that’s the most amazing game I ever played on PS3 !! It feels very “Oblivionish”, so if you played that game, you will enjoy and love Skyrim, for sure!


There are many things that creators have changed in Elder Scrolls V. Now you have hundreds of dungeons, which doesn’t look like Copy-paste one from another. You have wolves, who attack you when you’re low level, but run from you when you are higher level (that’s how a real life should be, right?). And there are many, many other improvements! Like, for example, now you can forge your own weapons, jewerly, armor. Everytime you find an weapon or armor, you know that you will be able to upgrade it by your own, simply using a few of ingredients. On top of that, you can enchant your items, so they make even more damage/increase skills/or whatever. Oh, and did I mention Dragons? Every time I conquer a dragon in Skyrim, I have shivering feeling on my back. Game knows when to switch the soundtrack to the right one.. And you can’t mistaken the music which you hear when fighting a dragon :)

Skyrim, of course, is open world RPG. You can go whenever you want, there are no borders or closed doors (provided you have good enough lockpicking skill, heh). Good thing about the game is that world levels with you – that means everywhere you go, you will have to put some effort to kill enemies – but you always know it’s manageable.

Quests – there are thousands of them. It looks like every single person in Skyrim has a story, and they need your help to deal with some of their problems. Quests are usually interesting, and only very few of them is WoW style – “Go kill 10 bears, bring back pelts”. “Go kill 10 stronger bears, bring back pelts”. Well, you know what I mean :)


While inventory sorting is very convenient on the character, there is no such option for home storage. When you buy a house to put all the ingredients, books and other items you have found in the world, you are first very happy. But then later you find out that there is no sorting, so to find an, say, “Iron ore” in your shelf you have to scroll through tens of screens just to find it.. And they are not sorted alphabetically either.

Horses. I don’t even know why they have them. Since Skyrim has a “fast travel” system, where you can teleport to the places you were before.. Horses are unneeded there. Just waste of money, especially if you jump from the horse for a fight, you horse pretends he’s a warrior and goes to kill bad guys. Of course, usually fails and dies – and you just lost a thousand bucks :) I mean, gold :)

Money. You bring all kind of stuff for the vendors, they buy your items and give you gold. But they can’t sell you anything good, except some ingredients (which you could find in the open world anyway). It’s not like you gonna buy a super powerful sword at the vendor anyway.. So money has no really purpose there.


  • Non linear, open world
  • Literally thousands of quests
  • Can create/upgrade own armor, weapons
  • Easy manageable inventor
  • CONS:

  • No inventory sorting at home storage
  • No real usage of horses
  • No real usage of in-game money
  • Overall, it’s amazing game. I give it 10/10, and I believe I will be spending endless hours to finish all the quest game has to offer. It’s already one month I’m playing this game, and I haven’t even begun the main storyline. Just imagine how much are there to do :) This is what I call the best PS3 RPG game. Definitely worth trying.

    Currently, Skyrim sells for 49.99$ on Amazon ( they reduced price by 10$ already! weee!)

    For video review from Gametrailers, just check previous post – I have a video there!

    At last.. 2011 11 11 is here!

    And you probably know why everyone was waiting for this date.. Because of the “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” release, of course. Just watching the video trailer from gametrailers I pee a little.. I’ve just ordered it, and you should get it too :) If you are true fan of Elder Scrolls, and if you enjoyed Oblivion, check out this review:

    Order this game for 59.99$ from Amazon.

    Open world concept, endless possibilities in skills and abilities.. fights with dragons and so on. I’ll be spending many hours playing this game! Please share your experience with this game in comment area..

    Dark Souls is out!


    For those who already know this game – it’s no brainer and everyone should get it, if still not decided. But for all the other ps3 rpg lovers who are still not sure, I’ll be ordering this game soon and will give you a quick preview, so you can decide. But in the mean time, if you enjoyed Demon Souls – you will love Dark Souls, at least that’s what creators of the game said. And by the way, they said their goal is to make the game so hard, that players would be unable to finish it.. How’s that, lol ?:)

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